What Not to Say & Ask a Vegetarian


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I have been a vegetarian for over 4 years now and I have to say that I have heard a variety of questions. Some can be offensive and others are repetitive and annoying to hear on a daily basis.

1. Where do you get your protein?

Probably one of the most common questions I get. I understand that someone may be concerned with my health but why would you never ask a meat eater where they get their Vitamin C as well? If you become vegetarian/vegan for health reasons you most likely will never hear this question but if it’s for environmental or animal rights you get attacked with it.

2. Are you doing it for health reasons or for “dumb reasons”?

I heard this question off of a talk show where they asked vegetarians why they gave up meat. Obviously dumb reasons points to environmental and animal rights which I find to be one of the most admirable reasons to become a vegetarian.

3. Just don’t shove your beliefs down my throat

I do realize that there are plenty of people who are vegetarian that do push the lifestyle down peoples’ throats but the same happens with meat eaters. I don’t care what you eat at all. My boyfriend and all of my family regularly eat meat and I have no problem with it. It’s your choice not mine, and it’s my choice not yours.

4. How can you live without Bacon?!?!?!

Truthfully, I never was the biggest fan of bacon. I always thought it was good but I would say the thing I struggled with giving up most was fried chicken. But no matter what it is, it may be hard at first but eventually you get over it and it doesn’t sound appetizing anymore. I received a chicken sandwich by mistake one time, but ate it so it wouldn’t be wasted and after 4 years without it, it did not taste good anymore.

5. Can you eat fish? Can you eat Chicken? Can you eat Pork? Can you eat Beef?

For some reason loads of people ask me if as a vegetarian I still eat various animals…Honestly, need I say more?

6. If you had to eat meat would you?

Of course I would! A main reason why I don’t eat meat is because I can survive without it and improve the planet. However, if ever in a survival situation I would. Depends on who you ask though, not every vegetarian is the same way.

7.Will you get offended if I eat meat in front of you?

Nope. Like I said before almost everyone eats meat, it doesn’t phase me or most vegetarians. Not to mention my boyfriend eats meat all the time in front of me!

8. That we are plant killers, we eat all of the animals food, etc.

Considering most plants are still alive after being harvested I would like to argue no. Besides a plant and an animal are way different from one another. Also most animals eat grass and feed…Have you ever seen anyone start their day off with a bowl of grass?

9. What do you eat?

I’m not going to act like I wasn’t in this place before because I definitely was. I had a friend who was a vegetarian before me and I offered her a piece of pepperoni pizza. She refused and I was stunned at how she can eat anything, not realizing that there are 100’s of vegetarian pizza options out there. You can eat a lot as a vegetarian!

10. Do you just eat nothing but salads?

First of all, I wish I could be that healthy. As a vegetarian you mainly eat carbs upon carbs which is in no way healthy for you!

11. Are you still doing that?

Common to hear as a teenager. Truthfully tons of people think that it is a phase to be vegetarian and it can be. However, don’t just assume that it is for everybody.

12. I was a vegetarian for 4 days…it didn’t last

I did it too before I fully transitioned. But, by giving up meat for a short time doesn’t prove much of anything or will make me respect you more.

13. Vegetarians are fine, but Vegans are the worst!

If I could afford to and know that I would be healthy, I would be vegan in a heartbeat. It’s annoying when people assume that all Vegans are hateful against meat eaters and constantly talk about why you suck as a human being.

14. Don’t act like I am an Inconvenience to you

This is big with family members. I have a family member who always complains at the fact that I refuse to eat meat and how hard it is on her. However, I am rarely ever there as well as I bring my own food!

Overall, just be respectful, we don’t like being asked stupid questions that you already know the answers to, things we are constantly asked, and to be ridiculed for our choices. Most vegetarians don’t care about what you eat, so leave them alone about what they consume too!


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