How to Start Minimizing Your Stuff

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Let’s get real, we all have a lot of stuff. A lot of crap that we collect over the years that we have no idea where to place or what to do with. Even though we have tons of things with no home or need for we keep these items around out of laziness, the idea that “I will use this later”, or just because we don’t know what to do with it so it would just be easier to keep it for now. Even if you may not be on board with getting rid of anything but the bare essentials, you still can learn how to reduce your unneeded possessions.

You may be on the path to minimalism or you may be just trying to rid clutter out of your home, wherever you may be on your journey this handy little guide can help you out.


The thing to keep in mind before I get into this is that I will be putting a big emphasis on “Unneeded” possessions. The great thing about minimalism or downsizing to me is that you don’t need to get rid of everything like some of the extreme minimalists do. You just get rid of stuff that you don’t care about or don’t add value to your life. So how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

                                         What to Get Rid Of

1. You don’t use it everyday

This doesn’t apply to everything like clothing, but in general if you don’t use, wear, let alone see the item on a regular basis then how important is it to you? If you don’t enjoy it on a regular basis does it deserve a spot on your shelf, in your drawer, or on the kitchen counter?

2. It has no home

This usually refers to nick knacks, cosmetics, Tupperware even. In general most of these things have a hard time finding a well organized home. My family has an entire corner cabinet dedicated to Tupperware, but the problem is we never use 30+ containers at once. In these cases, get rid of it if it has no home in the first place.

3. It’s an eyesore

If your item doesn’t match your style, space, etc. Get rid of it. I always struggled with things on my dresser that didn’t fit the surrounding decor, and I always kept that thing even though it made my room look less appealing.

4. You don’t like it

As surprising as it may be, a lot of people keep things around that they don’t care for. Why? Usually because a family member bought them that object and they don’t want to offend them physically or morally by tossing it out. However, if you truly don’t like something, get rid of it. It is highly doubtful that your great aunt who lives 100 miles away will ever notice that you gave that ceramic porcupine to goodwill.

5. You have multiples

Again another big one with cosmetics and other beauty items. You don’t need 2 hairdryers, 5 lipsticks in one shade, or 3 pairs of the same shoes. If you have more than 1 than get rid of the rest.

6. You don’t use it now

Going off of using your item regularly, when it comes to things such as a craft tote. In general if you haven’t knitted that scarf yet, you most likely never will. We all procrastinate, but if we have procrastinated projects for years chances are we will procrastinate them for another 10.

7. Would I realize if I lost it?

I had this shirt for about 6 months and then I lost it. After I lost it I never even noticed that I had until I saw picture of myself about 5 months later wearing it. Even though I loved the shirt, if I hadn’t noticed it’s disappearance for almost half a year, did I really love it or need it in my life?

8. Is it sentimental?

A lot of times after the passing of a loved one, people begin to hoard because they want to hold on to every possible thing that reminded them of or belonged to the person that passed. When it comes to a necklace that has remained in the family for generations, keep it. However, when it is your late grandmother’s socks you can get rid of it. I am sure your late relative won’t be offended that you don’t want the’r socks.

9. It’s Broken

I had a candle holder that I accidentally knocked onto the floor and shattered. Telling myself that I would fix it, I left the broken pieces on top of my desk for a solid month before I put it into the trash. If you won’t fix it here and now then lose it.

10. Why do I have this?

Evaluate all of your items and ask this question. “Why do I have this dress?” If the answer is because it makes me feel beautiful, I like the way it shows off my curves, etc. then keep it. But if the answer is I don’t know then get rid of it.

By going through your possessions and evaluating them, you are making your living space more enjoyable, less stressful, and a place you want to be in. Follow these steps to help you on your journey, whatever it may be.


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