10 Small Changes You Can Make To Improve The Planet


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Everyone does or should do something in their life to improve the planet. Rather it be becoming completely zero-waste, giving up meat, or just simply recycling, we all help the planet in one way or another. While these methods may be a life devotion or a simple change there is always room for improvement. Here are 10 simple changes you can make in your daily life that will make a big difference for our planet.

As for me, I would say I am pretty green. I gave up meat over 4 years ago, regularly recycle, limit my purchases, etc. Here are 10 small changes I have made in my life to help the planet more than I already have hopefully you do or will integrate them into your life.

1. Say No to Paper Towels

After you use a public restroom you are faced with the dilemma of paper towels. At my dorm, the trash can fills up with these one time use, Non recyclable, almost pointless things. Instead of waving your hand in front of a paper towel dispenser, shake them or wipe them off on your clothes. Same goes with the air dryers, completely unnecessary.

2. Ditch the Straw

Rather you are at home or out to eat, stop using a straw. Straws’ only function is to make drinking “easier” and more fun but they cause a lot of stress on the environment. When you go out to eat or to Starbucks, ask for your drink without a straw. If you really want a straw however, or if your coffee drink requires a straw to enjoy you can purchase a stainless steel or collapsible straw.

3. Switch to a Reusable Cup/Bottle

Over buying a bottle or water, instead carry a water bottle around. Instead of buying a coffee from a local store bring a reusable mug. Both of these options are cheaper, sturdier, and better for the planet. Hey, you may even still want your usual Starbucks beverage, thankfully a lot of places will fill up your reusable cup for you since they pre measure everything.

4. Switch your Transportation

Giving up your car as your mode of transportation on some occasions can really benefit our planet. Maybe take the bus or subway to a sporting event over driving. You will save money on parking, not be as stressed, and help the planet. If you live close to a store, coffee shop, or even your dentist try walking or biking over taking a drive to your destination. It’s healthier for you and the Earth.

5. Bring Your Own Bag

A lot of grocery stores opt for only offering exclusively plastic bags. I hate plastic bags! I will write a post soon on why I hate them so much, but anyways, They are really bad for the planet and they suck with holding the weight of your groceries. Bring your own reusable bags when you go to the store to fit more items per bag, have less loads, and not poison the planet.

6. Give Up Meat

I know that giving up meat is not a small change. So instead of fully giving up meat (if you haven’t) try going one night a week that is meatless. A lot of people participate in Meatless Mondays. It truly isn’t that hard to eat vegetarian plus its healthier and can help mother nature.

7. Choose Cardboard over Plastic

When it comes to packaging we have an overabundance of useless bunches of plastic strangling our products. Even though paper and cardboard packaging also isn’t good, it is way better than plastic as well as it can be recycled.

8. Buy in Bulk

As much as having small single sized servings is nice and easy, the excess packaging adds up. Instead of buying individual cups of applesauce, but a big glass jar of it. Instead of buying individual string cheese, buy a block of it.


The thing I hate more than anything in the world is napkins. Again I will write a whole other post ranting about this one. Napkins are stupid. People take way too many and use way too much of them. Switch to reusable cloth napkins and when out in public just don’t.

10. Reduce Your Shower

I personally hate showers. Weird right? They’re just boring to me I guess. When I tell people I take showers ranging from 2-5 minutes people freak out. They just can’t comprehend how one can take showers that short. Even if you don’t want to drastically reduce your shower time, try cutting it by a few minutes and spend more time in the shower scrubbing and less contemplating life.

Have any small changes that you do to help the planet? Let me know down below!


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