Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things.png

There have been a lot of studies going around that are saying that the more money people spend on experiences the happier they are compared to if they spent that same amount of money on material possessions. And I have to say, I am a very strong advocate of this which is why I am writing this post! Even though I am a poor, jobless, college student like most people my age, I have been lucky enough to go on a fair share of trips in the past. Most of these large scale trips I also paid for entirely by myself and without the assistance of my family, and honestly, I am so happy that I spent my money on an experience over clothes, food, etc.

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Self Love Journey: I Unfollowed Over 100 People on Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform that gained fame because photos are exclusively the only thing you can post to your profile. While it is awesome and amazing to have a platform where the only thing you see are photos and short video clips, Instagram can negatively impact your mental health. It impacted mine and that drove me to unfollow over 100 people.

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